How long can a thermal mug keep hot and cold?

There are many kinds of cups, but the most special one is the thermal mug, because the thermal mug has a unique insulation function, and other types of cups do not. Consumers will pay more attention to the insulation time of the thermos when they buy the thermal mug. So how long can the thermos be kept warm?

Thermal mugs come in all shapes and sizes, but fundamental to any good Thermal mug is the ability to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on end. No one wants to sit down for lunch after a long morning, open their thermos of much-anticipated soup, only to find it lukewarm. Or, on those hot days, looking forward to some nice ice water after a sweaty workout thing and finding their thermos drenched with condensation with tepid water inside.

The best Thermal mug is easy to clean, functional, leak-proof, and, most importantly, keeps your drink at that ideal temperature. What makes temperature control possible on a Thermal mug is the vacuum design. Here’s how it works—every Thermal mug typically has two walls, between which is a vacuum. Because this vacuum contains no air, it does not conduct heat, which allows the liquid inside to maintain a constant temperature.

Insulation cups are generally divided into ordinary insulation cups and vacuum insulation cups. The insulation time of the vacuum insulation cup is much longer than that of the ordinary insulation cup. The heat preservation time of an ordinary vacuum flask is generally about 2-3 hours, while the vacuum heat preservation cup can reach more than 12 hours. Moreover, if the insulation cup has been treated with special processes such as copper plating and tailless vacuum process, the holding time will be correspondingly longer.

The thermal mug produced by Ningbo Wantai Promotion Co., Ltd. is made of sufficient materials and exquisite workmanship. The material adheres to the combination of food-grade 18/8 (304) stainless steel inside and outside, or a combination of 18/0 (201) stainless steel outside and 18/8 (304) stainless steel. The cup is kept warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The entire production link adopts AQL2.0 inspection standard, which is far higher than the peer standard. All links adopt a full inspection system to ensure that each product is a high-quality product. Customers from all over the world are welcome to visit our factory for inspection, and welcome to start business with us.

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