What is the best thermal coffee mug?

Though not a major purchase, a thermal mug is something you will need to use almost every day. To ensure that the mug you buy is the right one, it is essential to consider a few factors. Also, buy a mug that is suitable to be used during a whole day. This article brings to light some such factors.

Materials: Nearly all the thermal mugs are made of stainless steel or plastic, though there are mugs made from ceramic and glass. Plastic mugs are less expensive and come with some drawbacks. Getting into the details, it can be said that plastic possesses a tendency of retaining the flavor of whatever it contains. So, if you are using it for having coffee, tea, juice, cola, beer or wine. it might get a little bit of your drink taste.

This kind of problem is not there with stainless steel thermal mugs. Hence, if you are looking for a thermal mug for drinks like coffee, that you can use for a daily purpose, invest in the food grade and BPA free stainless steel-made variant. The double wall insulated construction keeps the hot drink for 12 hours and cold drink for 24 hours . You can also get a stainless steel mug for celebrating the upcoming day or can give this special mug as a gift to your near and dear ones.

The Lid: The mug lid is another important thing that needs to be considered. There are usually two types of coffee mug lids available – snap on and screw on. The screw over lid is the best one as it possesses fewer chances of popping off accidentally when you are having coffee while driving or are busily movement. Also, it makes a better seal which is why there are fewer chances for the coffee to leak out from the space in between the lid and the mug.

The spout: If you are going to drink tea or coffee from your cup, any spout will do. But, if you have plans of drinking anything else like, soup or coke, the choice of the spout is essential. Most of the thermal mugs are specially designed for the purpose of drinking coffee or any other thin liquid. This is why they come with the small or thin spouts. Though this is beneficial as it helps in reducing spills; those intending to have soup in the mugs, need to look out for larger spouts.

Size: The size of the thermal coffee mug you are looking for depends on the amount of coffee you are willing to have at a given time. This can be determined easily by taking into account the total amount of coffee you have during your work. A fully-filled thermal mug will easily retain heat for a greater time-span compared to the half-filled ones. Most of the thermal mugs are designed for the purpose of traveling and come with a base fitting perfectly into a standard size car cup holder. This means you can use these even when you are driving somewhere to enjoy the drink mug.

Adhering to these factors will help you to get thermal mugs meeting your needs the best.

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